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I'm sure nearly all of us want to strengthen and nurture our relationships. Humans are social to some extent. Nearly everyone wants to resolve arguments and understand people who are different from us. We've all been there. So I was really happy and excited to find great advice from this website.

This is not a magic pill. But I believe that it will drastically improve how you can problem solve relationship issues on work, relationships and parenting. The Keirnsey Temperament website looks at the different personality types (based on the Myers Briggs Personality Types). There are tests you can take to find out which one you belong to, what makes you tick. And best of all, how to understand and help others. Understanding each person is the key to showing care and respect, and working together as a team to solve challenges in work, school, or relationships. 

I was disturbed by how the site treats faults and abusive or neglectful behaviours of the types too lightly at times (understanding someone does not mean that you should let someone off when they're being vindictive, and obviously you shouldn't ignore someone being incompetent or cruel just because they're your boss). I am impressed by how it shows understanding and respect of the different personality types' strengths though.

Change your life and how you communicate with people here:

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/wz14.asp (Click on the topics/articles on the right hand side of the web page). Topics of articles: Acing the Job Interviews. Dealing with work related stress. How to deal with people of different personality types acting out. Applying Jobs. When to leave a job. Finding the right career path for you. Taking new jobs in the city or country. How to avoid getting fired. Network to keep your job (how to network and socialise at work with different personality types).

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/lz51.asp (Click on the topics/articles on the right hand side of the web page). Topics of articles: Personality types / temperaments and relationships. Dating. Marriage/long term relationships. Fair fighting. How to argue / debate fairly and respectfully with each type. How to communicate with and understand each of the types. Parenting together with personality types (making a great team). Separating from each type. Affairs/infidelity. How to show care, respect and love towards each type/temperament.

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/cz1.asp Temperaments and school. Roommates. Your academic strengths. Sporting careers. College vs Technical Degree. Balancing work and school. Changing subjects/degrees. Failing Classes. Helicopter parents. Perfection trap. Professors. Internships. Professional organisations. Home for holidays. Double Majors/Degrees.
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The Break Free Project
The Break Free Project is a string of stories just like Tony's. Our aim is to have Tony's story (Pt 1) on 10,000 DVDs and into the hands of every school student across Sydney's West at no cost, raising the awareness and consequences of gangs and drugs. 
And most importantly provide a way of escape...

http://www.pottershouse.com.au/thoang/?page_id=173 Tony Hoang's story is nothing short of inspiring. Hoang was an ex gang member who is now working to raise awareness among youth about the dangers of gangs and drugs, and how to leave that dangerous world. The article shows how isolated children from abusive families can end up joining gangs for acceptance and purpose. It also shows how forgiveness and support can also lead to someone turning their life around.
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Hiya everyone,

Try a Trade is helping to break to cycle of poverty in Western Australian Aboriginal communities. It's a fantastic chance for Aussie Aboriginal teens to consider a trade - something to brighten their futures. You  can make a difference to the lives of Indigenous families and friends - spread the news! You can read more from GenerationOne below:
The aim of the Try-A-Trade events is to encourage school age and working age job-seekers from all backgrounds to consider a trade as a way to improve their own lives - and help break the cycle in their communities. The program's job seekers are matched with real mentors and role models, helping them seek new career pathways.

Over the past month, the Try-a-Trade program has been a huge success, visiting five different locations across the NW Kimberley and promoting career pathways in industries experiencing skill shortages. Several young Indigenous school leaders were flagged for future traineeships and careers with organisations such as Rio Tinto and Brolga Developments. Check out GenerationOne's upcoming events.

Even better - you can join! Visit, and learn more here:

The Mobile Try-a-Trade will be visiting Pilbara from September 6 through 10. If you're in the area or know someone that is, check out the events here:http://generationone.org.au/whats-on
email GenerationOne at
info@generationone.org.au if you would like them to attend or promote one of your events.

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From the website:

TEEN LINE is based on the premise that when teenagers encounter problems, they usually turn first to their peers for advice. Many teens think their parents can't possibly understand what's happening in their lives and that their friends might laugh or abandon them. TEEN LINE provides a safe, confidential place to talk things out with another teen.



It offers email help, online chat, message boards, resources and information.


CALL: (310) 855-HOPE (4673) OR (800) TLC-TEEN (852-8336) (toll-free in California only)

SCCC in LA: http://www.sccc-la.org/ Phone: (323) 937 1344

 From the website:
The Center's founders, Psychologist Hans Hoffman and Psychiatrist Ben Weininger, believed that no one should be denied counseling because of poverty. Client fees are based on a sliding scale in an effort to make counseling affordable to all income groups.

Read more... )
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To teens out there reading:

LJ communities that give advice for teens:



You cand discuss relationship problems, moving out, dealing with traumatic situations, family violence. These are places to ask for advice and vent.

Best of luck, and hope this helps!


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