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My review of Prisoner (Echo's Wolf) is here:


Prisoner is written by Lia Silver, and told from the hero's and heroine's viewpoints. It's set in the same world as Laura's Wolf (both books can be read together or separately). There's romance, comedy, great banter, suspense, and thoughtful discussions of PTSD and dyslexia. :)

Prisoner also has an Asian hero, shapeshifting werewolves, a kick arse heroine and breathtaking action. What's not to like? ;)

You can download it from Kindle or buy it from Amazon. Prisoner is book one of the Echo's Wolf series. I'm looking forward to reading the next two books when they come out!
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Edited on 5th April, 2014 to add: This review has been cross posted to Amazon.com.au


Angel in the Attic(book one: Werewolf in the Kitchen) is a lovely, fun queer romance by Rebecca Tregaron. It has lots of wit, humour, some mystery, warmth, and great characters. The romance is sweet and sexy, and I liked the clever world building regarding Angels' food taboos and their own astrology. (I also got excited at the mention of Asian mythological beings - apsaras!) Loved how characters from diverse backgrounds are treated respectfully in a non preachy way.

The cooking scenes were so beautifully described they made me hungry! I loved how Carolyn (the protagonist) is so passionate about cooking. There are some great tips on cooking in the book as well. :)

There are even recipes ( for the dishes mentioned in the novel) at the end of the book. :)

I laughed out loud so much reading this - so many hilarious parts! Highly recommended. :)

You can download it onto your Kindle or Kindle app on your mobile phone. You can also buy and read it online/download it at Smashwords.com .

Edited to fix various typos and add that the author is working on the second book (there will be 2 more books).
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I'm sure nearly all of us want to strengthen and nurture our relationships. Humans are social to some extent. Nearly everyone wants to resolve arguments and understand people who are different from us. We've all been there. So I was really happy and excited to find great advice from this website.

This is not a magic pill. But I believe that it will drastically improve how you can problem solve relationship issues on work, relationships and parenting. The Keirnsey Temperament website looks at the different personality types (based on the Myers Briggs Personality Types). There are tests you can take to find out which one you belong to, what makes you tick. And best of all, how to understand and help others. Understanding each person is the key to showing care and respect, and working together as a team to solve challenges in work, school, or relationships. 

I was disturbed by how the site treats faults and abusive or neglectful behaviours of the types too lightly at times (understanding someone does not mean that you should let someone off when they're being vindictive, and obviously you shouldn't ignore someone being incompetent or cruel just because they're your boss). I am impressed by how it shows understanding and respect of the different personality types' strengths though.

Change your life and how you communicate with people here:

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/wz14.asp (Click on the topics/articles on the right hand side of the web page). Topics of articles: Acing the Job Interviews. Dealing with work related stress. How to deal with people of different personality types acting out. Applying Jobs. When to leave a job. Finding the right career path for you. Taking new jobs in the city or country. How to avoid getting fired. Network to keep your job (how to network and socialise at work with different personality types).

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/lz51.asp (Click on the topics/articles on the right hand side of the web page). Topics of articles: Personality types / temperaments and relationships. Dating. Marriage/long term relationships. Fair fighting. How to argue / debate fairly and respectfully with each type. How to communicate with and understand each of the types. Parenting together with personality types (making a great team). Separating from each type. Affairs/infidelity. How to show care, respect and love towards each type/temperament.

http://www.keirsey.com/personalityzone/cz1.asp Temperaments and school. Roommates. Your academic strengths. Sporting careers. College vs Technical Degree. Balancing work and school. Changing subjects/degrees. Failing Classes. Helicopter parents. Perfection trap. Professors. Internships. Professional organisations. Home for holidays. Double Majors/Degrees.


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