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This post is scheduled to appear on my blog on 16th June 2016 9:30 pm.

Wiki How has an excellent online article on when you shouldn't volunteer, and what type of people make good volunteers.

You can Google it, but some of the best points are:

Don't volunteer if you don't have the time or if you're too busy.

It's not a good time to volunteer if you have personal stressor like death of a loved one, doing shift work, moving house, caring for a sick loved one.

Don't volunteer for people who ask you to pay them so you can volunteer. They tend to be dodgy.

It's a good idea to ask for the organisation to employ paid workers if paid workers are needed or treated with more respect.

Safety first. Be wary of any organisation that sends volunteers/paid workers alone to see someone in a dangerous violent place or neighbourhood.

Be wary of anyone who tells you to do tasks without required safety equipment or enough training.
Don't volunteer if you're not qualified for the job or dislike the people you'd be working with.

It's okay to volunteer if you're job searching and want to keep practicing or expanding your job skills.

Don't volunteer if people are forcing, coercing or guilt tripping you into doing it.

Don't volunteer if you're sick. The volunteering might make your sickness worse. Or your fellow volunteers might catch a cold from you. Check with your doctor if you're fit enough to volunteer.

Do volunteer if you have the fitness, competence to do so and if you like the volunteer job you're volunteering for.

God bless, and many thanks and gratitude to all the volunteers out there! :D
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