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TV and radio transmission interruptions are occurring. Reliable broadcasts are available on short wave radio: day 9710kHz, and night 6080kHz or listen live below http://www.abc.net.au/emergency/cyclone/yasi/

The SES advises that you should not drive through flood waters, or allow children to play in or near flood water. If you're worried about friends or family in the cyclone area, ring the National Registration and Inquiry System (NRIS) number, 1300 993 191 rather than contacting local police stations. International enquiries for the NRIS can be made at + 61 7 3055 6220.

Go to the Queensland Police Service's Facebook page for advice on preparing for a cyclone and what you must do during and before evacuation.

It also has evacuation maps, website links (on ABC News, road conditions and local disaster information):

Cyclone Preparation
For important advice and safety tips on preparing for a cyclone, please read EMQ’s “Preparing for Cyclones” pamphlet at http://www.emergency.qld.gov.au/emq/css/pdf/English_Cyclone%20Book_11oct07.pdf

Queensland Government State Disaster Management Group
For up to date information on disaster preparation and recovery, visit

Read more... )

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Hi everyone,

Read this. You could save a life, including your own:


The link has tons of advice on how to prepare for a natural disaster. Although the site says disasters are unlikely to occur, they *do* happen.

There is a special section on precautions you can take if you are elderly or have disabilities (along with resources (pdf files) on preparing for disasters if you are a person with a disability):


Some more things to keep in mind (information in italics is from the first link in this post):

Take an inventory of your possessions to document their value. This list will help you if you need to file an insurance claim.
Make sure your policy reflects the real replacement costs of your home and possessions.
As you most likely will not have immediate access to your insurance, also set up an emergency fund.
An account at a financial institution with multiple branches means you'll have access to your money even if local banks are closed
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Hi all and sundry,

Check out these self help kits from Lifeline:


They're short and simple. Anyone can use them. They're more directed at ordinary lay people. But health professionals might also find them handy. The kits are aimed at Australians. I still think some of the advice can be applied to anyone, regardless where they're living, though. So if you've got spare time, please consider giving the kits a look over. It's seriously worth it.

They have information on which services to contact for specific traumatic or stressful situations, including natural disasters. There's also simple information on easy things you can do to assist someone going through a crisis. The self help kits include information on coping with:

-natural disasters (droughts and bushfires)
-domestic violence
-mental illness

There are also Aboriginal Australian specific self help tool kits on how to help people dealing with depression, grief, loss and suicide.
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Hi everyone,

Here are some tips on how to protect others (including yourself) and be prepared for when an earthquake happens: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learning/faq.php?categoryID=14 

You can never be too prepared.

I came across the handy link thanks to rachelmanija's lj blog.
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Hey all,

The NFL are running a fund raising day. It will be held at the Whittlesea Showgrounds (Melway Ref:246 H7) Whittlesea, VIC, Australia on February 22nd: http://www.sportingpulse.com/assoc_page.cgi?client=1-3913-0-0-0&sID=41958&news_task=DETAIL&articleID=8100480&sectionID=41958 The following text is from the above website:

The league's senior and junior clubs are all helping out, hosting stalls, conducting activities and we also plan to conduct a major raffle on the day.

A senior exhibition match will kick off at 1pm, with all Senior Clubs represented. Former AFL umpires John Russo and Peter Cameron will be the men in charge with the whistles.

All proceeds will go the bushfire victims.

For all updated details, please keep checking the NFL website, at
www.nfl.org.au or the event's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=49584092661.

.enquiries@nfl.org.auIf you would like to help out on the day, or if your club or company would like to make a donation, please contact the league on (03) 9435 8228, or enquiries@nfl.org.au.

The Priceline at Bankstown Centro, Bankstown, NSW has a box where you can add donations to the bushfire victims. Their address is Bankstown M1, 221-222 Moore Level Centro Bankstown Square, NSW 2200. Ph: 02 9708 5060. Fax: 02 9790 3685.
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Hey everyone,

You can donate to people experiencing bushfires in Victoria, Australia by going to these sites:





Thanks so much  if you do donate or repost this.

Edited to add:

NAB relief fund call 136 622

To donate through Myer, visit a store's service desk

Donations of clothes and household goods to the Salvation Army, Brotherhood of St Laurence, St Vincent de Paul or the Red Cross

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At least 640 homes have been destroyed. The horrifying thing is that some of these fires were deliberately lit. Police have mentioned it will be days before the fires will end. This is just so terrible. I don't know what to say. I seriously feel for the people in Victoria who have suffered as a result of the fires, and I hope th40 homes have been at this day never happens again.


The CFA has stated "Residents cannot rely on fire-fighting resources being able to get to their property. It is very dangerous to leave late."

The CFA has also warned that people in VIC, shouldn't dial 000 unless it is an emergency, as many people have found it hard to get through to Police and Fire services due to many people dialing 000.

For details on the Victorian fires phone the Country Fire Authority's information line on 1800 240 667. The NSW Rural Fire Service information hotline is 1800 679 737.


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