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This link has incredibly helpful links for Los Angeles residents (in the US) to charities (which help people from all religions and cultural backgrounds) and services that help with bill paying, homelessness, housing, and the services listed below. Feel more than free to let me know if there's anything I can add or update:
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Hello to American Ljers out there,

You can budget, save money, pay off debts, plan for your retirement using Mint.com:


It'll make your life *so* much easier.

Best of all, it's free!

See what's happening with all your accounts–checking, savings, investments, retirement–at any moment of the day. And our free mobile apps mean you can track your money on-the-go.financial goals. You can track your progress online or stay up-to-date with monthly emails. And we'll help you achieve your goals faster with helpful free advice and next steps.

Mint provides expert financial advice, and has won numerous awards. It's been praised by The New York Times, abc news, the Wall Street Journal. The website is extremely secure:

Mint.com uses 128-bit SSL encryption–the same security that banks use–and all data is protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Plus, since Mint is read-only, no money can be moved in or out of any account.

We've been a Money Top Pick, a PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and won awards from Kiplinger's, The Webby's, CNN Money and more.

Get started! :)
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A very helpful email I received from a friend:

For only $5, a pair of chickens can provide a family from a poor community in Burma, Cambodia, India or Uganda with a source of eggs to eat and sell. So, they’ll be healthier and on the way to earning a small income.

When you order, you can choose a traditional printed card or an e-card to give to a friend or relative for Easter – or any occasion. You’ll also receive a tax-deductible receipt.

Why not encourage people in your church or workplace to buy Easter chickens, by downloading a
free promotional poster?

Buy your chickens online, or call (toll free) 1800 244 986.

Thanks for your support.

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An earthquake of 8.8 magnitude has destroyed Chile on 27 February 2010. Over 800 people are dead. Many people are also missing. Countless people are also disabled. I can't imagine what it must be like for the people who are still alive. It must be frightening not knowing what's happened to missing loved ones. This is so terrible and heartbreaking.

You can learn more about what's happening here:


Please do what you can to help. Every bit counts. Donate here:

http://www.msf.org.au/donate.html Medicins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders)

https://secure.salvationarmy.org/donations.nsf/donate?openform&projectid=IHQ-LatinAmerica (Salvation Army)

https://donate.savethechildren.org.au/NetCommunity/SSLPage.aspx?pid=347 (Save the Children)

Read this webpage to find out how you can contact relatives in Chile. You can go here to make sure they are safe:


ETA: You can help offer your fandom talents by joining the lj community help_chile at  http://community.livejournal.com/help_chile/profile
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Hello everyone,

 I am offering ficlets in exchange for donations for the "lightning round" at [info]help_haiti.

My thread is here: http://community.livejournal.com/help_haiti/2706.html?thread=2555794#t2555794

I know Hannah (rosehiptea) is also offering ficlets in exchange for donations too. Please check out her thread - she's a fantastic writer. You won't regret it.

ETA: The winter_queen email address listed in the thread is my alternate one (my hotmail address with my actual name is only given to a few work colleagues, really close friends and family to protect my privacy).

2nd ETA : I am also offering 10 ficlets or a 1000-1500 word fic in exchange for donations here:

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Hello everyone,

You can offer to exchange fic, art, food, toys etc in exchange for donations here at help_haiti lj community:


Information in italics below is from the userprofile of the help_haiti lj community:

This Journal was created in the morning of January 13, 2010, as a place for fandomers to help raise money to help in the rescues, recoveries and rebuilding of Haiti following the tragic earthquake on January 12, 2010.

How do the auctions work?

Standard Auctions:
Go through the posts where people have offered their skills at creating fics, art, vids, podcasts, foods, toys, jewelry, clothing and more - just follow the links from the list here in the sidebar.

When you see an item you're interested in, reply to that comment with the amount you will donate if you are the winning bidder. You can bid up until noon (Eastern Standard Time) on January 20, 2010; new items can be added until 6:00 AM (EST) on January 20, 2010.

Go long - the people of Haiti need your help!
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Hello everyone,

A horrifying earthquake has killed many people in Haiti (Action Aid says there's an unconfirmed death toll of around 50,000 people). About 3 million people have had their way of life and homes destroyed by the earthquake (source: Action Aid). This is absolutely heartbreaking and terrible beyond belief. Along with the countless number of people killed, there are many who have badly injured and disabled by this disaster.

You can help donate to various charities to send much needed relief to people in Haiti. Salvation Army has an Appeal for the Haiti Earthquake (where you can donate) here:


Read more... )

Learn more here:


Aussies can donate by ringing 1300 66 66 72

You can also act to save animals injured by the earthquake. Do this by contacting the WSPA on 1300 13 97 22.

I can't express enough in words how much volunteers and donations are seriously needed and appreciated. Thank you so much if you do help. Every bit helps.
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Hi there everyone,

Please read the info below and consider signing or raising this up in your blog/through email/word of mouth. Thank you!

From the Petition Site:

People in the poorest parts of the world will be hit first and worst by climate change. Many leaders are promising to help people living in extreme poverty adapt to the effects of climate change and to help reduce emissions. This sounds great, but unfortunately, on closer examination, it turns out most of this money could be double counted--it's money that has already been promised as development aid.

In other words, some governments want to stretch their much-needed development funding twice as far to try and cover the new challenges presented by climate change. This dangerous double counting needs be exposed--and it needs to stop.

Ask Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen to stop leaders double counting money that is meant to help developing countries adapt to climate change!

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Hey there everyone,

There are now more than 1 billion people who are suffering from world hunger. According to Avaaz, that's one sixth of the world´s population. This is unacceptable. Nobody should have to suffer starvation, especially not so many people.

Next week, global leaders will meet at the World Food Summit in Rome to discuss how to tackle this enormous dilemma. But some wealthy countries are considering whether they should stop supporting a new $20 billion pledge made earlier this year. This pledge was made to rejuvenate agriculture in the poorest countries.

Please sign the petition below and tell friends. Add your voice to back vulnerable nations and reduce starvation. Avaaz will show this petition to world leaders:


Thanks so much if you do sign or alert others on this news.
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Read this.

"Abolishing Prostitution: The Swedish Solution
An Interview with Gunilla Ekberg
by the Rain and Thunder Collective
First published in Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and
Activism, Issue 41, Winter Solstice 2008."

Read the whole article here:


From the article:

The other principle is that women in prostitution shouldn’t be criminalized - because
they are victims of male violence. Rather, it is the perpetrators — the pimps, traffickers,
and prostitution buyers — who should be criminalized. In Sweden, prostituted women
and children are seen as victims of male violence who do not risk legal or other penalties.

If you analyze choice you recognize that choice is only possible if you choose from equal alternatives. You have to distinguish between making a decision and having a genuine choice. We make decisions in all kinds of situations that are difficult because that’s part of everyday life. If I’m in a job I absolutely loathe, that pays badly, I may have to stay there. So I make a decision to stay there because I can’t get another job right now. That is not to have a real choice.

Read more... )


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