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Hi all,

Here are two simple ways to support ill children and homeless people:

STREAT http://www.streat.com.au/about STREAT trains young homeless people in cooking and hospitality to help them get off the streets. When you buy food or drink from STREAT cafe, all the money goes towards supporting young people who are living on the streets or at risk of becoming homeless. They make a ripping good Earl Grey tea, for tea lovers out there. :) 

STREAT is based in Melbourne, Australia. It has cafes located in Melbourne Central Station (ground floor, near the escalators to the trains), Flemington (305 Racecourse Road, Flemington) and 5 McKillop Street, Melbourne. I've been to the one located in Melbourne Central Station. Their stall has a table shaped like a roadsign saying, "Stop homelessness the delicious way." You can't miss it. There's a small pole near their stall with several handwritten signs. The one saying 'Coles' is upside down, which I found funny and adorable.The menu at the Flemington cafe changes seasonally. The STREATS food cart at Federation Square is relocating to Melbourne University.

At Sydney Domestic Airport: When you enter the food court, there's a Donut King section with a donation box. The money goes to Starlight Children's Foundation (to help sick children in hospital). :)

Throughout Melbourne Tullamarine Domestic Airport there are boxes where you can donate to Vision Australia and the Guide Dogs Association.
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This link has incredibly helpful links for Los Angeles residents (in the US) to charities (which help people from all religions and cultural backgrounds) and services that help with bill paying, homelessness, housing, and the services listed below. Feel more than free to let me know if there's anything I can add or update:
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A quake in Tibet has killed thousands of people and destroyed so many homes. People's lives have been uprooted in an instant. Donate here: http://tibetanvillageproject.org/

The Tibetan Village Project is doing marvellous work in rebuilding Tibet. They teach Tibetans how to fish and run their own businesses. TVP also helps Tibetan earthquake survivors stand on theri own feet by teaching them other job skills. Here is information on what they do from the above website: 

TVP's rural educational program focuses on Tibetan language preservation and literacy. When you make a donation, it enables us to support about ten schools with 1200 students through stipends, tuition, food, warm blankets and clothing, textbooks, and school supplies. TVP also teaches visitors how to protect and respect Tibet's environment.It also raises awareness of Tibetan culture through photo exhibits, presentations and cultural events.Most rural Tibetans still face enormous challenges in healthcare. Many find it nearly impossible to access healthcare and can't afford to pay for it. TVP provides medical supplies, equipment, stipends, frequent training opportunities for healthcare workers.

There are almost four thousand dead. Even more thousands have been severly injured. Please help assist survivors, no matter where their political loyalties lie.

Please consider donating or reposting. Thank you so much if you do. This is so terrible and heartbreaking.

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Hi everyone,

Please sign the petition below to protect people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. 5 years have passed, and these survivors are left vulnerable to human rights abuses. They're still homeless. 


Calling for a reform of the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act (a Federal disaster law) will help Hurricane Katrina survivors to return to their homes. Feel free to read the text from the Amnesty website below to learn more.

The poor response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita demonstrated that America needs to develop a robust, strategic plan for initial disaster response and long term disaster recovery. Almost 5 years later, the U.S. government still fails to adequately protect the rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Senator Mary Landrieu has pledged her commitment to reform federal disaster laws such as the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act, but has yet to introduce legislation. Reform of the Stafford Act will ensure both that the Gulf Coast is rebuilt and that the human rights of people displaced by future disasters will be protected.


International human rights standards protect victims of disasters like Hurricane Katrina. Amnesty International USA calls upon authorities in the local, state and federal government to uphold the rights of all Katrina evacuees to return to their homes. We urge officials to provide long-term, healthy, and affordable housing so that survivors can exercise their right to return, by introducing legislation to reform the Stafford Act today.

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Hi there! You may find these links handy if you're a young Scot (a person aged under 26 in Scotland):

Your rights and the law - what you can do at what age:

http://www.youngscot.org/channels/law/?ss=131&s=46&sr=68&ID=22089 The Young Scots website also has plenty of helpful information if you're stuck and need advice on many issues (including education, moving out, getting a job, money, your legal rights, safety, health, sexuality). On the top right hand side of the website (under the words What's Happening) is a box saying"Choose Town". Click on this and scroll down to the town you live in for more advice on what you can do.

Housing and homelessness: http://www.youngscot.org/channels/housing/


Get advice on what to do and who to contact) if you are the victim of crime, and the offender is a young person: http://www.crimeandyou.net/c_o12_help.cfm

Dumfries and Galloway Police website: http://www.dumfriesandgalloway.police.uk/
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Hello everyone,

Human services workers (social workers, welfare and community workers) in NSW Australia may find the links below invaluable (especially if you're interested in law). The links are also handy for anyone who works in child protection in Australia, or deals with homeless people.

Law Access NSW: http://www.lawaccess.nsw.gov.au/ Site with free legal help for Aussies in NSW. Contains valuable legal information and contact details of legal services. From the Law Access NSW website: Be careful! The information on this site is not legal advice. If you have a legal problem you should talk.  to a lawyer before you decide what to do. The information on this site is only for people affected by the laws of NSW, Australia.

Homelessness Street Count: http://www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Community/HomelessnessServices/StreetCount.asp

From the Street Count website: The regular collection and comparison of data gives policy makers and service providers the means to measure the impact of existing responses to homelessness.

Counting the numbers of people experiencing primary homelessness is only one method of collecting data to inform policy development but it is an important one.

Keep Them Safe: http://www.keepthemsafe.nsw.gov.au/resources/factsheets

From the Keep Them Safe website: Keep Them Safe is a five-year Action Plan that aims to re-shape the way family and community services are delivered in NSW to improve the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children and young people.

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Hi there all,

Please consider posting about/sending gifts or donations to help out the Hughes family, who are now homeless. You can read more on how you can lend a hand at the links below:


From ladycatherina's lj blog:

Update on the Hughes family, homeless mother and daughter living in their car in Campbell (South San Francisco Bay Area.) Good and very bad news - they've apparently got someone helping them look for work and trying to get them settled in Pennsylvania. But they have to come up with moving costs themselves, and are back in their car for the time being.

From Elizabeth Barone's blog site, Letters for Katy: How You Can Help.
Liz and Katy’s last day at their cottage is this coming Thursday. Liz sent me an update email saying that she still isn’t sure how much it will cost for them to move. Their priority, she said, is to get everything in storage and to have enough money for food, as they aren’t sure if they will be able to afford the move right away and will stay in their car until they can get to Pennsylvania.You can mail Visa and MasterCard gift cards to:

Elizabeth and Katy Hughes
PO Box 111525
Campbell, CA 95011

Thanks so much if you do choose to aid the Hughes in any way.

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Hello everyone,

A horrifying earthquake has killed many people in Haiti (Action Aid says there's an unconfirmed death toll of around 50,000 people). About 3 million people have had their way of life and homes destroyed by the earthquake (source: Action Aid). This is absolutely heartbreaking and terrible beyond belief. Along with the countless number of people killed, there are many who have badly injured and disabled by this disaster.

You can help donate to various charities to send much needed relief to people in Haiti. Salvation Army has an Appeal for the Haiti Earthquake (where you can donate) here:


Read more... )

Learn more here:


Aussies can donate by ringing 1300 66 66 72

You can also act to save animals injured by the earthquake. Do this by contacting the WSPA on 1300 13 97 22.

I can't express enough in words how much volunteers and donations are seriously needed and appreciated. Thank you so much if you do help. Every bit helps.
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Hi all,

Twenty10 is an organisation in NSW, Australia that assists young (under 26) gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, same-sex attracted and gender-questioning people who are having problems at home or who have recently become homeless. Their web address is:


Read more... )
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Interest free micro loan lending association for Jewish people in Southern California in financial difficulty at:


Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles has been providing social services to people of all ages, ethnicities and religions since 1854. Through programs designed to meet diverse and changing needs, we keep people connected to what's important: families, friends, community and their independence. Our nationally recognized programs offer counseling and support for families, individuals and seniors. We provide food and shelter, help resettle recent immigrants, connect people with disabilities to vital resources, assist relatives and friends with care for loved ones (senior care services), and so much more.

JFS website at:

Links to websites with Jewish resources (e.g. re: seniors, homelessness, employment, food, mental health, disaability, congregations, cemetaries, etc) for people living in USA at:
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If you are a homeless person, you can get a job as a vendor or a writer, as well as life skills training or legal support from the magazine The Big Issue. The Big Issue's Australian site is at http://www.bigissue.org.au/ Its other site is at:

The following in italics is from the Australian Big Issue website:

The Big Issue Australia is an organisation that helps people to get back on their feet – particularly people who are experiencing homelessness and long-term unemployment.

The Magazine
The key project is a current affairs and entertainment magazine, The Big Issue. It is sold on the streets by vendors who keep half the $5 cover price.

Have a look inside our magazine

In the past three years, magazine sales have increased by 55%. Since 1996, vendors have sold more than 4.4 million magazines. Australia-wide magazine sales exceed 29,000 per fortnight.

Readership has increased by 60% over the last three years, making The Big Issue one of the fastest-growing magazines in Australia with more than 172,000 readers per edition. (Roy Morgan Research, November 2007)

Now in our 12th year, The Big Issue Australia has produced more than 300 editions of the magazine.

As a not-for-profit organisation we’re working towards becoming self-sufficient by increasing sales and advertising revenue.

Programs and services
Around 3000 homeless and marginalised people across Australia have been recruited, trained and supported by The Big Issue over the past 12 years. Vendors also receive life skills training and legal support if necessary.

The Public Interest Law Clearing House (PILCH) operates with vendors in Melbourne providing free legal advice and advocacy.

Read more about PILCH and other organisations who work with and alongside The Big Issue.

The Street Socceroos
We have a dedicated team around Australia involved with running Street Soccer Programs. This program gives homeless and marginalised people a physical and psychological boost through regular sports participation. Our players are called the Street Socceroos.


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