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I was excited to read Rise of the Souder Goddess, and it was well worth the wait. Rise of the Spider Goddess (The Prose Killer Chronicles) is the first novel Jim C. Hines ever wrote when he was 25. From the hilarious cover to the foreword apologising for the horror that awaits, you know you're in for a great time. Jim pokes fun at his own story, and there's good tips on writing. Bonus!

There's Mystery Science Theatre 3000-like hilarious comments thrown in too. I loved the asides on punctuation, grammar, plotting, world building and characterisation.

Spoilers ahead!

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This book cheered me up and made me smile so much. I'm definitely happy I read this. :) I burst out laughing (with Jim, not at him) so many times, and had so much fun.

Rise of the Spider Goddess can be bought and downloaded as an e-book on Amazon and Kindle.
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My review of the amazing novel "Stranger", by Rachel M. Brown and Sherwood Smith:


Enjoy. :) Warmly recommended.
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My review of Prisoner (Echo's Wolf) is here:


Prisoner is written by Lia Silver, and told from the hero's and heroine's viewpoints. It's set in the same world as Laura's Wolf (both books can be read together or separately). There's romance, comedy, great banter, suspense, and thoughtful discussions of PTSD and dyslexia. :)

Prisoner also has an Asian hero, shapeshifting werewolves, a kick arse heroine and breathtaking action. What's not to like? ;)

You can download it from Kindle or buy it from Amazon. Prisoner is book one of the Echo's Wolf series. I'm looking forward to reading the next two books when they come out!
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Invisible is a powerful anthology edited by Jim C. Hines on sexism, disability rights, gender and sexual orientation. All of the articles are thought provoking, eloquent and intelligent. They're all moving - sometimes funny and uplifting - sometimes sad and heartbreaking. My personal favourites were the ones by Ada Hoffman ( on autism) and Michi Trota (on race). You can buy Invisible on Amazon and on Kindle. Highly recommended!
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My Amazon review of Laura's Wolf (Werewolf Marines), by Lia Silver:

A moving, beautiful romance with sensitive depictions of PTSD, great women and POC characters. Warmly recommended. Book 2 features a POC hero. :)

My Amazon review of Pen Pal, by Francesca Forrest:

http://www.amazon.com.au/product-reviews/B00I8XDHLA/ref=do_top=_cm_cr_act_text?ie=UTF8&show view points=1

A wise, deeply touching examination of cultural minorities, family, friendship and religions. Also highly recommended. Both books are unforgettable. :)


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