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I was browsing gehayi's wonderful lj blog when I came across her post on The Simpson's hilarious Game of Thrones introduction http://io9.com/5890410/watch-the-simpsons-game-of-thrones-intro

LOL at Burns' Landing. And poor Moleman gets run over. As usual. Plus - the three eyed crows pop out of the nuclear power plant! I've watched this 3 times in a row. It is *that* good. Now I'm worried that I'll burst out laughing every time I see the actual Game of Thrones intro...

Also!  Artist Sanjay Patel's adorable and hyperactive article about his past art exhibition is here. The exhibition was about Indian Avatars: http://www.asianart.org/maharaja/avatars.htm

Here's a sample of his zaniness: I recently received such an email; it went something like this. 'Hey it's the SF Asian Art Museum. We're hosting an exhibition called Maharaja: Splendor of India in the fall. Would you be interested in activating the exterior of the building based on this exhibition?' Did I mention that I'm an Aries, first sign of the zodiac, with the special ability to charge ahead and fall flat on my face? My colleagues responded to my news with a very sensible question: WTF does activate the exterior of the building mean? Did you hear that sound? Yeah, that thud was me falling on my face...

Whew! I was exhausted just by reading that. But in a good way. :) I get the impression that he's very charming to listen to, but devilishly hard to interrupt!
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Hi everyone,

Found an interesting website with articles on myths, urban legends and superstitions here: http://www.timelessmyths.co.uk/

Fascinating Wikipedia webpage on mirrors, superstitions about mirrors and use of mirrors in art here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror#Entertainment

Following text is from the above link to the wikipedia article:
Use of Mirrors in Art

"Without a mirror, the great self portraits by Dürer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo could not have been painted. M. C. Escher used special shapes of mirrors in order to have a much more complete view of the surroundings than by direct observation (Hand with Reflecting Sphere). István Orosz’s anamorphic works are images distorted such way that they only become clearly visible when reflected in a suitably-shaped and positioned mirror. Some other contemporary artists use mirrors as the material of art, like in mirror-sculptures and paintings on mirror surfaces. Some artists build special mirror installations as the neon mirror cubes by Jeppe Hein.

Painters depicting someone in front of a mirror often also show the person's reflection. This is a kind of abstraction—in most cases the angle of view is such that the person's reflection should not be visible. Similarly, in movies and still photography an actor or actress is often shown ostensibly looking at him or herself in the mirror, and yet the reflection faces the camera. In reality, the actor or actress sees only the camera and its operator in this case, not their own reflection."

Superstitions involving Mirrors

It is a common superstition that someone who breaks a mirror will receive seven years of bad luck. One of the many reasons for this belief is that the mirror is believed to reflect part of the soul, therefore, breaking the mirror will break part of the soul. However, the soul is said to regenerate every seven years, thus coming back unbroken. In days past it was customary in the southern United States to cover the mirrors in a house where the wake of a deceased person was being held. It was believed that the person's soul would become trapped in a mirror left uncovered. Mirrors falling from walls or otherwise breaking or cracking mysteriously were said to be haunted.

There are many legends and superstitions surrounding mirrors. Mirrors are said to be a reflection of the soul, and they were often used in traditional witchcraft as tools for scrying or performing other spells. It is also said that mirrors cannot lie. They can show only the truth, so it is a very bad omen indeed to see something in a mirror which should not be there. Also there is a legend that a newborn child should not see a mirror until its first birthday as its soul is still developing. If the child sees its reflection it is said that it will die.

According to legend, a vampire has no reflection in mirrors because it is an undead creature and has already lost its soul."

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Check out the Guerilla Girls website at www.guerillagirls.com/index.shtml. So who are the Guerilla Girls? They're true tricksters, activists, artists, and *hilarious*. You gotta love artists/activists who wear gorilla masks, and take on the names of deceased female artists. The mythology and comics geek in me loved this declaration:

we declare ourselves feminist counterparts to the mostly male tradition of anonymous do-gooders like Robin Hood, Batman, and the Lone Ranger.
I LOL'ed at the last sentence of their answer in one of their interviews:

Q:Why did you write the Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art? Aren't there already lots of books out there about women artists?

The work of feminist art historians over the last 30 years has shown how the means of art production in western cultures was denied to all but white male artists until well into the 20th century. Still there have always been creative and adventurous women who bucked the system and lived creative lives of their own invention. Some achieved success while alive, only to later be written out the history books. Others were unacknowledged in their own lifetime, only to be discovered after death.

In Bedside Companion we wanted to tell the stories of these courageous women artists and also to make fun of the standard art history canon for ignoring them. Another goal was to write the first humorous art history book, mean to be read in the bathroom, and intended to make readers laugh, not put them to sleep. It's also thin, with sharp edges and can be used as a weapon!

Nothing seems to stop them in exposing sexism, racism and corruption in the art world and in politics. They've brought about changes in the art world for female artists and artists from culturally diverse backgrounds.

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I've found a website by a *brilliant* artist called Julian Beever. Enjoy his artwork here: http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm

Beever is best known for his anamorphic pictures. What are anamorphic pictures, you ask? They're distorted pictures where you use special devices (like concave/convex mirrors) or stand at a specific point to see an image properly.

Beever's anamorphic pictures are so amazing they seem to rise out of the ground, as if they were a part of the ground they're drawn on. Unless you're standing at the wrong point for viewing them. Then they just look weird. Like this!
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For drop dead gorgeous Hellsing art (in black and white, and in colour) go here:


Even if you're not into Hellsing, you won't be disappointed. The art is that good.


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